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Comp-U-Rent Carries Everything

Comp-U-Rent has an extensive inventory and suppliers of computers that can help you rent the latest technology in Las Vegas. Whether you need desktops or laptops, printers and copiers—we will supply everything. Our professional and courteous staff can even show you how to use them.

We Have the Latest Laptops

If you need laptops, Comp-U-Rent is the easiest solution to renting them for days—or even months. We carry all Apple laptops, like Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. We also have every size of Apple iPads. You can rest assured in finding PC laptops like Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

We Can Do All the Networking

It’s important to stay connected in Las Vegas, so Comp-U-Rent can do all the networking for you. Whether you use Windows or Apple OS X, we can design and install your wireless Internet router or private Ethernet, so you can concentrate on more important things like making your business thrive.

We Have the Fastest Desktops

Comp-U-Rent carries all Apple and Microsoft desktops—if you want it, we have it. Our desktops are sure please, and we can provide any operating system, such as Windows, OS X, or Ubuntu. We provide the highest resolution screens in any size, including our Apple iMacs, Mac Mini, Mac Pros, and even Cinema Displays.

Call Us for A Free Consultation

Comp-U-Rent is so sure you’ll love us, we offer a free consultation with one of our experienced and courteous specialists. Contact us today at (Toll Free) 1 (888) 814-8536, and forget the hassle of dealing with computer rentals and equipment rental for trade shows, conventions, and other events in Las Vegas. Comp-U-Rent will install, double check, and take down everything. We work for you.

Call Us for A Free Consultation

With over 20 years of experience in the technology rental business