Do You Offer Free Quotes?

Absolutely, yes. A free quote is available anytime, just call or email!

Are Your Machines Tested Prior To The Event?

Yes, all machines are tested, cleaned and virus free.

Do You Carry Apple/Mac?

Yes, we are proud to say that our supply of Apple/Mac technology is massive.  iPad, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Cinema Displays.  Ask a sales associate what options are available for your next event.

Do you rent tablet computers?

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Does your company provide equipment set-up and tear-down?

Yes, we provide set-up and tear-down and also provide cabling, networking and server set up.

Will There Be Technicians On-Site?

Our technicians make sure all equipment is in perfect working order. On-site technician (for the duration of an event) is available for an additional charge and we provide 24-hour technical service and support.

Can You Fine Tune The Computer Hardware Configuration Or Is It Standard?

Yes, we can supply machines with standard or custom configurations.  We can image all computers with your custom software requirements.

Do You Offer Multi-Year Discounts?

Absolutely! We love our regular customers and are happy to arrange discounts for scheduled events every year, month or week!

What Cities Do You Cover?

Comp-U-Rent a nationwide company with distribution warehouses in Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando and Chicago.  We deliver to all major metropolitan areas in the US and Canada.

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